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Theme of 2024

In 2024, the Germanisches Nationalmuseum is turning its attention to the theme of worldviews – past and present. How do worldviews shape our sense of reality, and how have they changed over time? Which worldviews are mirrored in the objects that surround us? A variety of objects and exhibitions provide new insights into our ways of seeing the world. One special highlight is the Behaim Globe, which was recently entered on the Memory of the World Register by UNESCO. Learn more about the power of worldviews formed in the past and their significance for the way we live today. 




29.02. — 26.05.2024

The exhibition “Works on Paper” presents a hitherto unknown private collection of drawings from the German postwar era. The Presentation lifts the lid on unconventional styles and highly individual visual worlds of artists seeking new artistic pathways after the collapse of former convictions and ideological systems.

About the exhibition

Micro Worlds: Tin Figures

09.05.2024 — 26.01.2025

The exhibition “Micro Worlds: Tin Figures” features outstanding pieces from the donation of the Swiss collector Alfred R. Sulzer. These miniature works of art shaped the worldviews of generations of children and presented a vision of the modern, globalized world. Immerse yourself in 19th-century history and society, as narrated by these popular, mass-produced tin toys and tin soldiers. 

About the exhibition

The Final Journey

25.07.2024 — 07.01.2025

The exhibition “The Final Journey” offers fascinating glimpses of the world of Bronze Age elites and features a splendid grave, a ceremonial wagon, and precious burial objects. How was ancient Europe shaped by technology, trade, and new religious ideas? What role did the “wagon drivers” play as the linchpin holding together the worlds of politics, trans-regional trade, and religion? 

About the exhibition

Hello Nature

03.10.2024 — 02.03.2025

The exhibition “Hello Nature: How Best to Live with You?” guides viewers through the history of the intricate relationship between humanity and nature, highlighting the ways in which our interactions with the natural environment have changed over time. Presented as well are fresh approaches to dealing with ecological crisis – a rewarding experience for anyone on the lookout for sustainable solutions. 

About the exhibition